A Cloud Forest Paradise

As many of you know, I love the Atenas area and feel it is an incredible place to live, but I was able to take a trip this past week to an area that I have not been to in a long time and re-discovered paradise.

20160728_161725.jpgThe road along the west and south side of Arenal Lake is best driven in a 4×4 which is one of the few parts of the country that I would say is still really necessary.  It is an area that is higher in altitude and cooler, directly in a cloud forest that you would think of usually in the area of Monteverde.  This is the area that you see in photos and imagine when you hear of Costa Rican paradise.  With so many shades of green, beauty at every turn, rivers to cross and horses to ride, it is an area that has been largely forgotten about.  But with lake views, volcano views, and rivers, it is not something to miss. 

Volcan Tenorio, Lake Arenal (Copy)The city of Tilaran is the largest in the area and is only 20 minutes East of Canas on a very nice road, so the Liberia airport is now only 1 ½ hours away.  The area of Tilaran is windy, depending on the season and it gives the Oklahoma winds a run for their money.  The temperature is perfect and the sunny days are spectacular.  Moving towards the southern end of the lake, the winds are far less and it still maintains the perfect temperature of 70-75 degrees.  Prices of land are also far lower up in this area, so some real bargains can be found.

It20160110_122940 (Copy) reminded me once again how many fabulous options there are in Costa Rica.  There are beach areas for those who like the heat and ocean view, city life, small town country life, and this amazing lake-front area of Arenal for people who like an active lifestyle surrounded by water.


Who wouldn’t love this spectacular view of lakes and volcanos and forest, all from the same point?  20160110_112851 (Copy)Here are a few of the amazing housing options in Arenal that I got the honor of listing. 

P1010066 (Copy).jpgThis gorgeous lakeside home is a plantation style, 2 story, with wrap-around deck. The home overlooks the lake and has views of several volcanos. It is located on a manicured lawn of over 3 hectares with orchards and a rock garden. Monkeys come to visit and birds are all around. The upstairs portion has the three bedrooms and two baths and a gourmet kitchen with open air hardwood cabinets. Wood floors and stone floors combined with some carpets make the perfect combination for each room. An indoor vestibule allows for lighting in the center of the home as well as an indoor garden with Japanese style doors leading into one of the bedrooms. Beveled ceilings throughout and each corner of the walls has been rounded for a truly finished touch and fire sprinklers are throughout. A fireplace in the living room and another in the master bedroom give luxury and comfort for cool evenings. The structure of the home was built with the Arenal winds in mind. The deck facing the lake is enclosed allowing for year-round enjoyment. Downstairs is the garage with a mechanic pit and storage area. Another area is pre-wired for an apartment and there is even a dumb waiter to take items from below up to the kitchen. This home is a true bargain at the price of $459,000.

This farm of approximately 5 hectares can continue to be used for organic farming or a beautiful place to build.  Lots of space for $385,000. 

This lakeside estate has views in every direction. Lake views, volcano views, forested m20160110_122433 (Copy)ountain views, each more breathtaking than the next. The main house is pure elegance with 3 br and 3 ba. Each room has large windows taking advantage of each jaw-dropping views. The guest house has never been occupied with 2 br and 2 ba. Two more guest homes of high quality are located at the entrance and even those have views. This would be the perfect retreat and get away or great investment to build more for rentals or a small hotel. The water taxi across the lake is only a short distance away to visit Arenal and La Fortuna and the horseback rides from Monteverde pass right in front. One hour to Tilaran or an hour to La Fortuna. This is located right on the southwest part of the lake, so it has great views and none of the strong winds that Arenal can have. No imagination required to see all of the options that this estate inspires. 1,500,000. 

Tristan & Newton Real Estate can find your perfect home in any part of Costa Rica.  For inquiries, send an email to tina@tnrealestatecr.com, visit our website, or our Facebook page.


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